Moving image of course has its roots in the traditional still camera. And in many aspects the two resemble one another. But there are also clear differences. Common to both types of camera, however, is that access and quality of light is crucial to the final results. 

The two media differ slightly in terms of possibilities for correcting flaws after capture. As a rule, it is easier with still photography. But with the right mindset and equipment almost anything is possible.

Regardless of the technology behind the image itself, it is the experience and eye for a picture behind the camera that is the single most important factor behind a successful image.

Because we are so passionate about images and also love technology, we offer an unbeatable combination of expertise in the field of still photography. And because of our background, our pricing is somewhat different to a traditional photographer. We charge for photography based on the work time taken, rather than separately for the number of images or for developing. But with the same level of expertise behind the camera.

Sounds good? Actually, it is.

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