Today’s audiences demand that the ads are relevant. In this day and age, search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the prerequisites for successful online marketing.

By creating a video ad or campaign with the right search terms, you can reach your exact target group. Naturally, this is also far more cost-effective than a ‘spray and pray’ attitude, something that can even have a negative impact on a brand.

Results can be verified directly online, while search words can be adjusted to further narrow down the target group. Or to spread the net to include alternative groups. In the same way, details, messages and the running order of video material can be adjusted after evaluation to achieve even better results.

Naturally, as our main focus is in creating film, this is what we do best. That said, we would never have achieved the best possible results if we had not taken the time to understand the mechanics of search engine optimisation. The right idea from the outset of a project is of course crucial to the end result. The optimisation itself is handled by our expert partners who, together with us and our clients, evaluate and maximise the return on every campaign.

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