Our unique team of creatives ensure that our various productions benefit from a broad range of stylistic concepts and graphic design.

As we work for and together with many different companies, both large and small, it is of course vital that we remain adaptable. Regardless if there is an existing graphic profile, we will meticulously craft the correct tonality in typography, colour and design.

Naturally, despite our own multifaceted palette of skills, we do not perform these tasks for every project. We are a regular and enthusiastic collaborator with external advertising agencies, as well as in-house agencies. And if you wish to employ a specific freelance graphic designer in a project, we will naturally be delighted to team up.

In addition to graphics for films and television, we offer services within 2D and 3D animation, VR solutions and special effects. Please read more about this under each category.

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216 14 Malmö-Limhamn